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With numerous singles to his name and multi-platinum albums, Nashville’s Luke Bryan is known as one of the most popular names in country music

First Luke appeared in the music industry as a songwriter. He wrote a range of successful country tracks for Nashville publishing house. The Travis Tritt’s title track ‘My Honky Tonk History’ became one of the early hits.

During this period he was accepted to Capitol Records as a performer, but still found some time to continue writing and after a while landed himself his first number one for the role in co-writing of the ‘Good Directions’ single by Billy Currington.

Luke’s debut album entitled ‘I’ll stay me’ was released in 2007. All the 11 songs were written with Brian being involved in the process. After a considerable rise in popularity, the fourth single he produced ‘Do I’ got the second place in all the Country charts. This successful single was released in May 2009. Next two singles by Luke, ‘Someone Else Calling You Baby’ and ‘Rain Is a Good Thing’ appeared on his second album ‘Doin’ my Thing’. After all, the tracks cracked the first place on the Country charts.

To achieve all these goals was not that easy for Luke since he lost both siblings in tragic circumstances (his sister Kelly and brother Chris). Nevertheless, in 2006 Luke got married to Caroline Boyer, his College girlfriend and, currently, with some kids on the scene, he managed to carve out a successful and happy ending for himself.

Multiple albums later, Luke’s success keeps snowballing with a greater number of awards and sales each time he makes new tracks. Luke has become the fame of the top acts in the country.

Live reviews

Even though Luke Bryan is a relatively new face in the country music industry, he has already proved to be one of the greatest and best names in contemporary country. Bryan is obviously naturally talented, having co-written or written his first 11 songs in the primary album. He is definitely a talented musician with a gift for songwriting.

Luke Bryan, being a newcomer in the US Country scene, has influenced both the live scenes and the charts greatly. The Tennessee songwriter/singer has become one of the most successful singers all throughout the Country charts while his last album called ‘Crash My Party’ became the leading album in all the Billboard album charts.

In my opinion, Luke Bryan is one of the best there. He performed in Raleigh for two nights, but, unfortunately, I could go only to one. Luke was there along with Cole Swindell and Lee Brice.

Absolutely phenomenal!!!! Luke surely knows how to entertain people. Whether you’re in the last row or the first one, you will have a blast either ways. Honestly, I recommend you go! The concert was rather expensive, but it is worth the money. To tell you the truth, it was one of the best experiences in my whole life.

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